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florida private investigator
florida private investigator
florida private investigator
florida private investigator
florida private investigator


Not uncommon. Contacting someone over the phone you've never met to discuss personal matters is not something one deals with very much.

florida private investigator


In most cases everyone is. These things can weigh on your mind, and easily place you in a state of confusion. We've worked with 1000's of clients just like you.

florida private investigator


No one likes the unknown. Not sure what is going on, it's hard to plan what to do, and not knowing such can be a little scary.

florida private investigator


When you don't know what's 100% going on, it's hard to figure out how to fix it. That's where we come in. You need answers? Lets talk and get that done for you.

florida private investigator


Many times people just want to know perhaps the cause of a problem, as it's the first step in moving on successfully. Nothing wrong with needing closure.

florida private investigator


This is what we do. It's a free consultation. Give us a call, lets talk for a bit, and see if there's anything we can do to move you forward.


Unfaithfulness or a child custody battle is a tough thing to deal with. Having a solid strategy is key to a successful ending. If you've already started down the legal path, then you’ve already got a taste of how our courts work. It's almost as if "the system" is designed to be as difficult and take as long as possible. That's because in many ways it is. Who makes our laws? Lawyers. Who gets paid when you go into court? Lawyers. So, the process can be designed to take as long as possible, because that also makes it costly as possible. People contact us all the time and mention they've been dealing with the courts for last 18+ months and feel as if they've gotten nowhere other than being mentally exhausted and watching all their money disappear. Attorney fees to fight in court can be overwhelming for you and your family. Our fees can be less than a ¼ of such. If you've done the research, you already know Florida is a no-fault state. However, is the legal documentation of cheating just about the law and court? Absolutely not. Information is a powerful tool, and a tool that should be used to negotiate. As stated above many times legal counsel wants your case to go to court for the big fight, as the fee to do so dramatically increases. But what if you legally obtained damaging information about your spouse, or child's parent they would not want in the open? Would they not be more susceptible to settling? In most cases that can be answered with a strong "yes". Provided it’s obtained correctly and does not give opposing counsel a way to have it deemed inadmissible or sealed. During break-ups each party is prone to tell friends and family something along the lines of: "he or she is crazy, and I just had to get away". But what if you had legally documented information that contradicts that statement from a licensed Private Investigator able to testify on your behalf? Would that person want to be known as a liar? What if the person they were messing around with was married? Perhaps a work colleague? Getting caught up in a scandal like this can follow them for years. And when children are involved, they can generally become privy to the information as well. 90% of our cases never see the inside of a courtroom because they settle beforehand. We are Florida Licensed, and available to work cases all over the state. Would you like to learn more about a different strategy? We always have a free, and friendly consultation.


You have a lot of options when considering a Private Investigator. You’re getting ready to go through a point in time you’d prefer too avoid.  The honest truth is it may even get worse before it gets better, but keep your eye on the prize. It will get better. Might not be today, but making smart moves now will speed up the process. I’m Sam, and I’m not here to tell you a bunch of marketing nonsense about how we’re the most trusted Private Investigator in the entire state, we’re the largest, number one Detective Agency the world has ever seen, or whatever other garbage everyone puts on their websites.  I’m here to provide you with facts. You may not like some of them, but you need to know them.  You’re traveling down a road you’ve never been before, and as outlined above you’re probably a little confused on what to do. Unfortunately there’s a lot of vultures in the world that will attempt to take advantage of that. Yes even lawyers.  Want to know who really works the most cheating and child custody cases in Florida? Well that would be us. The only reason I mention such is; we don’t need every case that knocks on our door asking for help. We’re busy enough where all the car dealer like tactics to get that sale, are not a part of my day. I can afford to be straight forward with you, and provide you honest facts, opposed to trying to sell you.  Want the straight scoop? Contact me to learn about “The Sam Difference”  727-212-3819    

Ask us about our $0.00 down program, and rates as low as only $75.00 per hour. Our Florida Private Investigators can get started right away!



We’ve made the process simple.  Contact our office, we”ll discuss your situation, and figure out a way to solve it.  We’ll go over the cost, then request you fill out our simple online information form.  We have a couple of things for you to sign all through email, the file will get setup, and then we’re on our way to resolving the matter at hand.


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    “I cheated because I was unhappy and, honestly, seeking affection because it was lacking in my relationship. It wasn’t premeditated. I wasn’t angry—just sad and lonely. Although it wasn’t the right thing to do, no, I do not regret it. Why? Because it was a new low that led me to realize my feelings and what I wanted. My boyfriend at the time never found out, but it led me to end the relationship and move on. I learned I will not stay in a relationship that makes me feel lonely. I learned what it means when people say, ‘It’s better to be unhappy alone than to be unhappy with someone.’ I can’t say I wouldn’t cheat again.”  

    “I cant' say I wouldn't cheat again”

    “I’m not proud of this, but when I was in my 20s, I cheated on a very nice, kind of annoying guy who worshipped me…with an ex who treated me badly. Eventually when the ex decided to get back together with me officially, I broke up with the nice guy, and I’m not sure if he ever knew about the cheating. Of course I regret behaving so thoughtlessly, but part of me thinks it enabled me to grow up, learn how I do and don’t want to be treated and treat people, and ultimately become the person who would enter a faithful relationship with my now-husband. But maybe I just tell myself that to feel better.” 

    "With an ex who treated me badly”

    “Why did I cheat? It was a mixture of being angry and longing for the affection I was not getting at home. I don’t regret it. It made me the person I am today. The guy I cheated with changed me. It wasn’t only an affair; it was a very valuable and loving friendship. But I did end up staying with my boyfriend. I learned to love him in spite of his mistakes and understood him more for doing the things he has done. I guess you could say it made me more forgiving. I can’t say I’d never do it again. I don’t know. I learned to live for me and by [my own rules] and that I need to love myself before loving anyone else. I learned that a guy doesn’t fulfill me no matter what situation I’m in.” 

    “Can't say I'd never do it again”