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If you've already done research, or been advised by legal counsel, then you already know Florida is a no-fault state. However does that mean getting evidence of cheating can be of no help? Absolutely not. Information is a powerful tool, and a tool that should be used to negotiate. Many times legal counsel wants your case to go to court for the big fight, as the fee to do so dramatically increases. But what if you obtained damaging information about your spouse they would not want in the open? Would they not be more susceptible to settling? In many cases that can be answered with a strong "yes". During break-ups each party is prone to tell friends and family something along the lines of; "he or she is crazy, and I just had to get away". But what if you had information that contradicts that statement? Would that person want to be known as a liar? What if the person they were messing around was married? Perhaps a work colleague? Getting caught up in scandal like this can follow them for years. And when children are involved, they can generally become privy to the information as well. 90% of our cases never see the inside of a courtroom because they settle beforehand.
Unfaithfulness is a tough thing to deal with. Why make prolong the pain by battling in court for months and sometimes years. Get solid information, then leverage such to place yourself in a winning position. The goal should be to move on down the road quickly, and in the best possible financial situation possible.

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One question I get asked a lot –  how I managed to get involved with being a Private Investigator.  Well, senior year of college while studying criminal justice I interned with an investigator here in Florida.  After college, I decided I did not want to return to freezing cold Chicago and work in the family law firm, so I turned that internship into a part-time job after getting married.  Fast forward 3 years, then found “I” needed a private investigator when my husband started dating the receptionist at his workplace.  It was a hard time, but I got through it, then turned the situation into a desire to succeed on my own. I use that experience to have compassion for all our clients….as I’ve been there.

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